Hand hygiene is one of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of germs and prevent illness according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Did you know that paper towels can remove up to 77% of bacteria from a person’s hands?
Dry with paper, and discard to help keep your home and office cleaner and safer. Stock up with top-value paper products.

Multi-fold (M-fold) towels are approximately 9.125" x 9.5" unfolded; 3.4" x 9.5" folded in thirds and are sold in sleeves of 250 interlocking towels. 

Recommended: Renown Brand
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* Renown Image Multi-fold towels present the highest quality towel option available to today's discerning decision makers. Premium quality texture, softness, absorption and market leading brightness results in a user experience that tops other premium options. Innovative papermaking technology creates this impressive towel solution while meeting FSC certification standards. Bright white Renown Image Multi-fold towels feature a luxury fabric pattern that yields superior strength, a cloth-like feel and unmatched absorbency.

  • Premium quality texture, softness, absorption and brightness result in a positive user experience
  • Unique surface design for beauty and performance
  • Extra-thick towels absorb wetness quickly minimizing amount of towels needed per hand dry
  • Made from superior quality 100% virgin fiber
  • Multi-fold design dispenses 1 towel at a time
  • Kleenex multi-fold towels (sold separately) are compatible with HealthyShelf® (sold here).
  • FSC-certified for reduced environmental impact

* Renown Green Seal® Select These white multi-fold towels offer the highest quality and exceptional brightness in 100% recycled toweling while meeting Green Seal environmental stewardship standards and EPA guidelines. Made in the USA utilizing an innovative new paper making technology to manufacture a superior grade of towel, Renown Select M-fold towels feature a cloth-like feel and possess absorbency, strength and softness. 

Multifold single sheet, interlocking paper towels can be purchased in many retail hardware and janitorial supply stores.  They can also be purchased on websites such as supplyworks.com, amazon.com. 

Green Seal® is a non-profit organization that strives to achieve healthy living and working environments by establishing environmental standards for products and services. Green Seal is a registered trademark of Green Seal, Inc. in Washington, DC. Check them out at greenseal.org