Healthy and handy in any room of the home or office...
it's attractive, too!
Style and hygiene merge together with this clever product. The HealthyShelf® paper towel dispenser has the appearance of merely a decorative shelf adorning the wall in your bathroom, living room, kitchen, or anywhere in your home -  but it offers so much more!

In addition to the enhancement of your decor, more importantly  HealthyShelf offers a hygienic alternative to the cloth hand towel. Cloth towels are prime territory for germs and bacteria. Consider how cloth towels are seldom allowed time to dry with one family member or guests in your home keeping them in constant use.   

HealthyShelf hand towel dispenser offers a decor-sensitive way to have paper hand towels at your fingertips in any room of the home, so you can avoid using cloth towels and eliminate the spread of unwanted bacteria.

HealthyShelf is a wall-mounted dispenser of M-fold (multifold) paper towels. It is a 2-piece unit (base and lid) that is made of painted ABS plastic.

The interlocking individual towels are approximately 9.2in. x 9.4in. or 9.25in. x 9.5in. when opened flat. They are purchased folded in thirds and interlocking.  When the HealthyShelf lid is removed, the towels are loaded from the top.  The base unit handily holds 75-80 individual towels for smooth dispensing.*  When the unit has been properly anchored to the wall, the shelf will hold up to 10 pounds.

Use this multifold towel dispenser to help prevent the spread of germs from cloth hand towels while eliminating counter-top clutter. Convenient dispensing and a removable top for easy filling and refilling make it ideal for any room or office. Handily, it also functions as a small shelf.  It is great for liquid hand soap, lotion, pretty dishes or bottles, and other decorative items.**

Display your pretty towels, and use this attractive paper towel dispenser for the job paper towels do best: Fight household germs!