Fight Bacteria in Your Home or Office for a Healthier Lifestyle!
Don'tUseClothTowelsCloth towels can spread germs to everyone who shares them. Finally, there's a decorative alternative to cloth towels.
This beautiful traditional style wall shelf dispenses paper towels and plastic bags with convenient one hand dispensing.
It's great for quick clean up. The removable top makes it easy to refill with your favorite m-fold paper towels or plastic bags.
Reduce the spread of germs while increasing your decorative storage space. Use Healthy Shelf in your home and business.
You'll love it in your bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, nursery, break room, garage, craft room...
                          anywhere germs live and messes occur.

Did you know?
• 80% of all infections are transferred by touch.
• One cell of bacteria can multiply into a billion clones overnight.
• 65% of all illnesses are caught by a member of the same household.

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